Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blood Duster - Lyden Na (2007)

Blood Duster
Lyden Na

Disc 1:
2.Three Oh Seven Ohh
3.Piss Stomper
4.The Kids Can Get Fucked
5.Rock N Roll Jihad
6.Broke Ass Bitch
7.Myspace Your Face
8.Angry Dragon
9.I Love The Pills
10.Duster Duster
11.The Night They Burned Old Emo Down 
Disc 2:
1.Tendons Sliced For Transport
2.The Rich Breed Fucking Cockhead
Children Who Will One Day Be Your Employer 
3.The Wolrd And Everyone In It Deserves To Die
4.Recreational Killing
5.Better Start A Seed Bank
6.Child Labour Economics
7.Barrel Chock Full Of Dead Cops
8.Czech It Out I Got Some Rules
9.Lust Mord
10.Oh My Myra Hindley
12.Raped With A Tyre Iron
13.I Saw Your Dad Sucking Off Another Dudes Dad
14.Organs For A Profit
15.Strung Up With Cock In Hand
16.Ballad Of Henry And Otis

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