Monday, July 5, 2010

Why are we Aussies always getting such a bum wrap?
I mean we have some truly awesome insane bands and they never make it because our country is somewhat  isolated. 
I mean every grinder knows Gridlink and rightly so, they are great.
But this schizophrenic Aussie band has surpassed Gridlink in my opinion, or at very least are equal to them.
This is technical grindcore and it is fucking awesome, guitars shredding with a great technical edge.
Then we have the vocals..... This is some of the most crazed vocals I have ever heard it is a constant barrage of screams that make you want to rip your fucking ears off!

Brazen Bull
Brazen Bull
Technical Grindcore

1. Gaze
2. Immediate Drops in Mood
3. Right Angle Triangle
4. Freight Train Burial
5. Iota
6. Brain Box

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