Saturday, July 3, 2010

Intense Hammer Rage - Gory B (2001)
If you like grind and haven't heard these guys the you really are missing out, they play gore/porn grind and are fucking good at it.
They are pretty darn technical with insanely razor sharp riffs that start and stop constantly and with time changes that leave you scratching your head at points..... No melodies here.
This is a triple vocal aural assault with shrieks, growls and gurgles, the vocals here are awesome and suit the lyrics to a tee.
The lyrics delve into such things as pedophilia, scat, bestiality and of course murder.
GORY BGrindcore

                 1. Rachel's Raping Renee 2.04
                   2. Dead Little Pregnant Girl 5.17
                            3. Roly Poly Chunks of a Pathetic Obese Cow 2.11
                      4. Do The Retard Rape 3.58
                                  5. Please Make More Dead 3.26
                           6. Luscious Lesbian Lardass Lovers 2.50
                             7. Kyle the Holeaphile 1.39
                           8. Something Disgusting but Somewhat Soothing 6.57


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