Saturday, July 17, 2010

Roadside Burial / Exhibit A - 
Such is Life/ Home Dentistry Split
Roadside Burial are a kick arse groovy Deathgrind band from Australia.
Now for my all time favorite band ever!!! EXHIBIT A!!!
These fuckers play some serious balls to the wall ferocious grindcore with a healthy dose of crust.
The music is like a cross between Spazztic Blur and Warsore.
The vocals are the most crazed vocals ever, high pitched and at a mile a minute!
This band will kick you in the face and then piss all over your face when you are trying to gather your composure.
 Roadside Burial and Exhibit A
Such is Life/ Home Dentistry Split CD


Roadside Burial
1. You’re Dead
2. Gave it to Her Deluxe
3. Ignorance Sufferance
4. Vengeance is Mine
5. Buzzard Bitch
6. Stiffy for a Stiff
7. Ya Been Told
8. Rotting Desecration
9. Cunnilingus Onslaught
10. Gargle My Syphilis Pus
11. Blowtorch Blues
12. Prone to Possession (Invoking Carnage)
13. Ritual Impalement
14. Prone to Possession…Part II (Repression)
15. Pulverise the Parishioner
16. Adultery’s for Me
17. Lost in Disembowelment
Exhibit A
18. Yeah Nah
19. Another Day Another Dollar
20. Loiter
21. Time Flies
22. He Ain’t Smilin’
23. ‘N Stuff
24. Peanut Butter Toasties
25. People that Annoy Me
26. Home Dentistry
27. Life in the Missionary Position
28. More Chins than a Chinese Phone Book
29. Hit by a Bus
30. 2 o’Clock Flog
31. Pushin’ a Push Pop
32. First Cab off the Rank
33. I Don’t Know
34. I’m Not Sue
35. Don’t Piss on My Leg and Call it a Tree
36. Four Bread Rolls Should be Cheaper than Five
37. Boggin’ the Datt
38. Peanut Butter Toasties Instrumental
39. Smelly Sticker
40. Peanut Butter Toasties Part Two
41. Push it
42. Hessian Ballsack
43. Peanut Butter Toasties Part Three
44. Annaul Thong Throwing Competition
45. I’m Disappointed
46. Watering the Lawn Before a Thunderstorm
47. Weekend at Bernos
48. Urination Contest Disorder
49. Your Fucking Boring
50. Model Railway
51. Yes Idiot Theory
52. James Brown Stabbed My Punching Bag
53. Spitting out of a Closed Car Window
54. Double D Buttercup
55. Ian Thorpe is a Pillow Biter
56. Captain Nailpolish
57. Serial Bedwetter Society
58. Nah Yeah 

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