Friday, July 2, 2010

Damaged - Token Remedies Research (1995)
Well I am new to the world of blogging but I have loads of good music so I am going to start sharing.
If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Anyways let me get started, I am starting this blog off with a rare goody from the Australian grindcore giants Damaged.
This is fast furious grindcore with maniacal vocals.
Pure quality check it out.
Token Remedies Research

1.   Token Remedies Research   03:10 
2.   Change   04:12 
3.   Eternal Dismemberment Complex   03:25
4.   The Mirror Perils   03:51
5.   Cold Blood Eraser   04:27 
6.   Soul Vaxation Accidental   03:22 
7.   Swine Eyed Sheep   04:45 
8.   Ingrained   02:09
9.   Glass Spines And Hearts Like Junkies   03:00 
10.   Dust   23:33 
Total Playing Time   55:54 

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