Tuesday, July 13, 2010

 Decaying Form - Chronicles of Decimation (2006)
Crazy ass Brutal yet Technical Death Metal from Tasmania Australia....
Fuck there must be something in the water down there.
This is Chaotic Brutal Death Metal with strange rhythms spread throughout.
The vocals sound completely deranged, this is not an album to be missed!!
Decaying Form 
Chronicles of Decimation
Brutal Technical Death Metal

1. Putridity in Disarray: with Ruin Comes Rotting
2. Feeding Organism: Corporal Beings Engulfed
3. Necrotic Consumption: Disgorging the Remnants
4. Devouring the Infestations: Emasculating Self-Immunity
5. Exhumed Monolith: Mounds of Human Decomposition
6. Vivisection of Gods: Image of Man Disemboweled
7. Immolated Desecrations: the Repugnant Seed
8. Re-Decapitation: Cycle of Extermination
9. Purulent Secretions: Pus Spewing from Syphilitic Spores
10. Worming Existence: a Masticating Monstrosity

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